Mobile Dental Anesthesia

Information for Patients

Dr. Boehm will do everything possible to provide a smooth and pleasant anesthetic experience while emphasizing safety as the first priority. Depending on individual medical history, a medical consult may be necessary to assess suitability for office sedation and anesthesia.


  1. Wear a loose short sleeve T-shirt and bring a blanket.
    Please do not wear watches and jewelry.
    Men: shave chest hair on left side above the nipple to facilitate placement of ECG strip.
    Women: do not wear eye makeup
  2. Do not wear contact lenses to appointment, wear glasses if needed.
  3. For procedures estimated to take 3 hours or more, wear a Depends product or other adult protection.
  4. No solid foods, milk products or juice with pulp after midnight. (These guidelines will be modified for afternoon appointments)
  5. Drink clear liquids up to 2 hours prior to office arrival. Clear liquids means plain water, a flavored water like Hint water, Gatorade or Propel.
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